Best Sales Incentives To Motivate Employees - Part 1

11th May 2017


We at CreateOrClose thought it would be interesting to share some recent conversations with sales leaders from various global industries about their thoughts on what incentives motivates sales employees best

We spoke to 4 leaders, from 3 different continents and to make it interesting, they weren't allowed to use Jerry Maguire's infamous "show me the money" phrase as one of their answers!

In this week we'll cover US based Tim Smyth and UK based Sam Madden's answers to

"What do you think best incentivises a sales team"

Tim Smyth - MD Graduate Revolution - US

1. Sincerity, "a job well done is its own reward" in our rush to find perks and short term fixes a culture of genuine, transparent, graciousness and public recognition will do more to incentivise and motivate than any "spiff" can achieve

2. Work to live. Never forget that to even your best seller this is just a job. I've always found dangling the carrot of time off, better balance or working from home privileges for a job well done are a huge motivator.

Sam Madden - Commercial Director - UK

1.  The first one is simply offering an incentive to leave work early, Sales people seem to love the idea of leaving work early, this works particularly well with an incentive around activity. You are essentially getting more activity from a sales person in less time. So if they achieve this, as a sales leader you don't mind people leaving early. However, the problem with this one is making sure the activity is right type and people do not abuse the system by making up activity.

2.  The second incentive I like is around creating a team culture - is offering a team the chance to have a longer lunch period together. This again is only costing you time around the lunch period when sales teams are often not at their best.  Most sales teams I have run have liked the idea of working together for a common goal, either revenue or activity levels. Also, it puts an emphasis on the individuals to get the whole team contributing if you put a caveat in place of a bare minimum of each employee for the goal to be achieved it makes everyone keep an eye on what each rep is doing.

Thanks to our contributors, clearly work life balance is something worthwhile to focus on along with sincerity and using team rewards to get the best out of your sales force.

If you've got a sales headache feel free to check out what we do and our other articles.

Always Be Closing. (Part 2 coming soon)

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