Best Sales Incentives To Motivate Employees - Part 2

22nd May 2017


As a reminder from Part 1, we’ve spoke with 4 sales leaders across 3 continents to find out what motivates employees best (excluding money) and wanted to share our research.

In Part 2 we’ll cover US based Jordan Weinstein and on the other side of the globe Tom Hyde in APAC.

Jordan Weinstein - VP of Business Development Bitovi - US

1.  I think that people are motivated by the feeling that they're contributing to the team - and that the team needs them to succeed in order for the team to succeed. So aligned with that, I love team-based incentives that are tied to celebrating success. If you're planning a team dinner at the end of the quarter - why not make it an extra special dinner at that posh spot that everyone wants to try, IF the team hits 120% of goal, and everyone contributes? This creates genuine excitement across the team, and builds camaraderie - which can be very motivating. Plus, celebrating wins is crucial to the long-term success of the team.

2.  And the second one goes in the opposite direction. If someone hits (or exceeds) their goal for a given time-period - quarter, month, week - maybe even day. Let them take off early with some extra holiday. Could be a few days, or just a few hours. This can be a great reward, and is also incredibly motivating. Plus it won't bust your budget!

Tom Hyde - Head of Relationship Management LinkedIn - APAC

1. Running a sales competition where the prize was working from another global office for the week - I really like this as rep's generally love to travel and experience different offices/cultures. We found they picked up skills from other regions and it was great for their personal brand.

2. Lunch/mentoring session with a senior leader - again all about self development and exposure for the rep with a senior leader. We do these quite regularly and they are hugely well received by the reps.

To conclude, work life balance was the key theme across all 4 leaders and it fit’s nicely with Michelle Obama’s words “We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list”.  

We’ve also heard several very useful alternative incentives from team dinner’s to build camaraderie, to opportunities to work from other offices. We challenge everyone reading this to either implement some of these within your organisation or suggest them to your management team.

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