Five Strategies Sales Leaders Can Learn From Golf

6th July 2017


Whether you’re a follower of our local golfing superstar Rory McIlroy or you’ve hacked your way around 18 holes with a rusty set of clubs 10 years ago, there are quite a few things the game of golf can teach sales leaders.

1.    Teamwork - Golf is usually an individual game played within a group, just like sales. This helps bring out the best in an individual from the positive energy being close to a group yet focusing on your own game.  Did you ever notice the best two golfers on the last day of a competition are paired together?

2.    Numbers win - A good golfer wants to know how many putts they take each round, how many times did a drive land on the fairway and they’ll use these stats to enhance their performance.  Sales leaders need to know their sales numbers - how many calls should your team make, how many opportunities should be in an optimum pipeline, what's the average number of days deals should sit in finalising?

3.    Got a caddy? - This is the person that’s there through the good and bad golf rounds, coaching and encouraging you. Does your sales team have sales leaders that know how to coach reps? (coaching isn’t spending all day in the CRM!) Sales leaders need to ensure they invest in their ‘sales caddy’ and know what makes their players tick.

4.    Gamification - Golf has lot’s of different competitions from the four major tournaments, to the Ryder Cup.  It’s a way of keeping the game interesting, challenging different skill sets and it’s fun to play or watch. We saw great results pairing sales teams against each other and used different sales KPI’s to score points. Try it today! 

5.    What’s in the golf bag? It’s the tools a golfer needs to do his job and they are different for every player. On a sales floor, executives have a varied range of skills and as a sales leader, you need to ensure they have the correct tools to do their job.  If one tool isn’t working e.g. the follow-up email template, a good leader should help the execs try different tools to ensure they’ve a better chance of winning.

You can discuss your sales strategies with us on a free consultation call or even better over a game of golf! 

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