Top 5 Reasons To Outsource Your Sales

24th March 2017


Outsourcing isn't a new terminology, however when referring to 'outsourcing skilled sales' it's an area picking up a lot of growth in the market. 

Call-centres having been an outsourcing arm for major companies for years, proving a very valuable model for all parties. Take that business model's success and add in the component of skilled sales especially in areas like SaaS which are growing every year. 

According to data from Statista, the industry is worth approximately $93 billion today and could be worth more than $150 billion by 2020.

So let's look at the key reasons companies should consider outsourcing sales team:

  1. Lower Costs - whether the goal is to drive profitability or new customer acquisition, outsourcing part of your sales is more cost efficient as it reduces hiring, retention, HR and a long list of other cost's.
  2. New Talent - when you just hire from the same pool, in the same location, you'll often struggle to continuously find good candidate flow. Using outsourcing as another arm for your sales team helps open you up to new skilled talent.
  3. Flexibility - perhaps you only need to increase your pipeline for the next 12 months or you need two closers to focus on the sudden demand from a new market, whatever your need you'll find flexibility with outsourcing compared to the hoops you'd need to go through internally. 
  4. Location - this has several advantages as it could be opening the door to new markets in Europe or the other side of the Atlantic working US prospects. No need to rent extra furniture or pay London rent costs, your extended team has another location for you to utilise from closing deals in their locals markets to running with separate projects to the main office.
  5. Shared Success - there's a need for the outsourcing to be successful for both parties and with an office full of highly skilled sales people they know what to do to make that happen. The first conversation could be for two outsourced employees however in-order to have repeat business and more employees hired as an extension to your team, there's a natural 'Always Be Closing' mentality to ensure success.

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